Yuko Togami – drummer/composer

Yuko Togami is a drummer and composer currently based in New York City, originally from Saitama, Japan.
She was exposed to music from a very early age as she was always watching her mother teach piano and Eurhythmics. She started taking Eurhythmics classes and playing piano when she was about 5. Later on, she also started playing marimba and studied classical music until she graduated from high school. While she was in high school, she got attracted to drums and began taking drum lessons. A couple years later, she started performing as a drummer based in Tokyo.
In 2013, she moved to New York City to pursue further musical studies at the City College of New York. She received a scholarship from The Kaye Scholars Program, and studied privately with Adam Cruz, Nasheet Waits, and Ben Street. She graduated with her BFA degree in jazz performance and The Pro Musica Award from City College, and has performed with many different musicians and projects including Steve Wilson, Mike Holober, Scott Reeves, Ben Paterson, Bertha Hope, Mark Wade, Jakob Dreyer, Takaaki Otomo, Nori Naraoka, Berta Moreno, Maksim Perepelica, Moor’d, Latvian Concert Choir, Musicsnake, Musique Libre Femmes, Beyond Flute Group, The Blue Dahlia, Kijima Sound System.
Her debut album “Dawn” was released in April 2018, and has won a Silver Medal at the 2018 Global Music Awards for Outstanding Achievement.

戸上 優子 ドラマー / 作曲家
埼玉県草加市出身。ピアノ講師である母の影響で幼少期からリトミックを始め、5歳頃からピアノを、中学の頃よりマリンバを始める。高校の音楽科でピアノを専攻する傍ら、ドラムに興味を持ちレッスンを受け始める。高校卒業後、本格的にドラムを学ぶため音楽専門学校にて田中文彦氏に師事。専門学校卒業後より早稲田大学モダジャズ研究会に所属し、都内のライブハウスを中心に音楽活動を始める。2013年に渡米。ニューヨーク市立大学シティカレッジにてドラム、作曲、アレンジを学ぶ。在学中はAdam Cruz、Nasheet Waits、Ben Street等に師事。The Kaye Scholars Programより奨学金を得て、2017年に同大学BFA学士号及び The Pro Musica Awardを受賞し卒業。
現在はニューヨークを拠点に自己のグループでの活動を中心に、ジャンル問わず様々なプロジェクトに参加し、Blue Note New York、Smalls Jazz Club、National Jazz Museum in Harlem、Soapbox Gallery、Scholes Street Studio、Cleopatra’s Needle、Luca’s Jazz Corner、B flat、Tomi Jazz、 Nublu、 Downtown Music Gallery などで演奏。主な共演歴は Steve Wilson、Mike Holober、Scott Reeves、Ben Paterson、Bertha Hope、Mark Wade、Jakob Dreyer、Takaaki Otomo、Nori Naraoka、Berta Moreno、Maksim Perepelica、Latvian Concert Choir、Musicsnake、Musique Libre Femmes、 Beyond Flute Group、The Blue Dahlia、Kijima Sound System、等。2018年に同世代のトッププレイヤー達と共に自身のオリジナル曲を含むリーダーアルバム 『Dawn』を録音、アメリカ・日本同時リリース。同アルバムは 2018 Global Music Awards (Silver Medal – Outstanding Achievement) を受賞するなど国内外で高い評価を得ている。

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